Subatronics creates electronics to help enthusiast use late model drivelines in their project cars.

Subatronics CANbus emulator

The Subatronics Canbus Emulator enables the use of late model Subaru Engines (that are Canbus equipped) into vehicles or applications that do not have Canbus.

This allows the use of late model engines such as :

  • EZ30R 6 cylinder
  • EZ36R 6 cylinder
  • EE20 4 cylinder turbo diesel
  • FA20 4 cylinder direct injection (BRZ/86)
  • FB20T 4 cylinder turbo direct injection
  • as well as traditional EJ20, EJ20T, EJ25 & EJ25T canbus engines.

Retaining the standard Subaru ECU without modification allows full function of all sensors including dual AVCS (variable cam timing) and Subaru engine maps and failsafes - just as the factory intended.