Which Subaru transmission should I use?

The latest model, lowest mileage one you can afford, and most closely matched to your engine i.e. turbo / aspirated.

TY752.... from 1990 to 1998 can be used. If you need to shorten & seal the TY752 trans you will preferably source a TY754 or later center differential housing. Their slightly different design makes them ideal for shortening, they bolt up to the TY752 split case housing. Alternatively you can purchase the cast Subanose one-piece nosecone from us with the shift rod and reverse lockout mechanism for USD $300.

Non-turbo TY752 transmissions used a push clutch which allows you to retain the VW cable clutch and pull the top of the clutch fork away from the engine. These are not suitable for turbo engines.

Turbo TY752 transmissions used a pull clutch which features a hydraulic slave cylinder to push the top of the clutch fork towards the engine.

Non-turbo TY754 transmissions produced from 1999 to 2004 generally used a push clutch with a hydraulic slave cylinder of a different design that pushes the top of the clutch fork away from the engine.

Turbo TY754 transmissions used a pull clutch with hydraulic slave cylinder like the turbo TY752.

TY755 and later from 2005 generally all used a push clutch for non-turbo and turbo applications. These featured a hydraulic slave cylinder to push the clutch fork away from the engine.

TY755 and later transmissions generally have a pop-out stub axle and cv joint as 1 piece. In order to use the Subaflange, a retrofit to the older ty752/ty754 circlipped stub axle and older seals is required. Please note this on your kit order and we can supply.

Are all the bellhousings the same?

The TY752 bellhousings are a '4 bolt' bellhousing and the TY754 and onwards are an '8 bolt' bellhousing. They simply have 4 more bolt holes fitted, the pattern is the same. They can be mixed and matched.

Will the gearshift work the correct way in my vehicle?

Yes the gearshift will work correctly in your type 1 Beetle and your Split Kombi/Bay Kombi. You simply have to join your shift rod to the Subaru shift rod via bolts or universal joints. The forwards/backwards direction and left/right direction will be correct.

In the T25/T3/Vanagon/Syncro/Bulli you will need to modify your shifter at the front to have a ball and socket like the Beetles & Kombis have. This corrects the direction of the shift.

Which axles and CV joints do I need to use?

Use the 15 5/8" (396.87mm) axles and type 2 CV joints for a type 1 setup. These axles are commonly used as "Kombi into beetle" axles and are available from all good VW stores. Use 2 x LHS Vanagon auto axles (the short ones) for Vanagon installations.You can also use 930 CV joints and the same length axles, but with 28 splines.


Standard VW axles are made with an inner shoulder and outer circlip so that the CV joint inner star is held in place. This ensures that the CV joint's only movement is the outer star moving against the inner star through the CV joint's balls :

Some aftermarket axles are produced with a spline that is a larger diameter than the axle shaft and thus have no inner shoulder or circlip. This allows the CV joint inner start to move inwards freely along the axle spline as they are no longer retained :

This can quickly ruin your ring and pinion because the axle can over extend past the CV joint inner star, get stuck on it's splines and lever it's longer end against the transmission's stub axle or Subaflanges. When it does this, it puts sidewats pressure on the ring and pinion and destroys it rapidly.

This customer checked that his setup had sufficient axle float at full bump, full droop and straight ahead but did not run axles with inner shoulders or circlips. You can see the highlighted areas where there was contact of the axle onto the stub axle and Subaflange, ruining his ring and pinion. It only looks like light contact but these are hardened steel parts levering onto each other with a great amount of pressure :

ALWAYS ensure your aftermarket axles have inner shoulders or circlip grooves cut into them to retain the CV joint correctly :

What about the dipstick?

You cannot use disptick anymore since it interferes with the flipped crownwheel. We supply a hi-temp silicon cover and hose clamp to securely close off the dipstick tube. For a great finished look, use a -12 hex hose finisher :

For the TY754 and later transmissions, we now supply a hi-temp silicon cover with inbuilt breather mechanism. TY752 transmissions require a full block-off of the dipstick tube so as not to pump oil out.

Oil levels.

The Subarugears 5 speed reversed transmission requires 4 litres of oil. We recommend a mineral-based transmission oil, particularly for the initial break-in period. We have found good results with Castrol Universal 80w/90 mineral oil. Use this for the initial break-in period of approx 500 miles / 800km and then change the oil out. Correct oil level is with oil to the top of the Subaglass sight glass.

You can choose to drain the entire 4 litres of transmission oil every time you want to check the levels, or simply drill all the way through this hole/boss already cast into the case (circled in red). Simply fit with the correct size bolt and you can check the correct transmission oil level by undoing this bolt when in the vehicle.

Fitting the supplied Subaglass oil level sight glass is also recommended. This provides an easy-to-see instant check of your transaxle oil level by visual inspection.

The Subaglass fitting replaces the steel welch plug in the side of the transmission casing.

Hammer a sharp flathead screwdriver through the welch plug and prise it out of the casing.

Next, apply red loctite sealant (or similar) onto the sealing surfaces of the casing.

Press into place and ensure through bolt is installed in order to line everything up correctly.

Only install/uninstall sight glass with through bolt installed into transmission.

My transmission has different CV's / Stub axles

Transmissions manufactured from around 2006 (TY755, TY758) use a 'push in' stub axle and CV joint that is one unit. The circlip on this unit is smaller to allow the unit to be pushed in and pulled out of the differential.

Old style separate CV joint New style 1 piece CV joint & stub axle


In order to use the Subaflanges, these newer style differentials need to be fitted with the old style stub axles, using a larger circlip to permanently hold the stub axles in the differential. Older style oil seals must be fitted to the transmission case to match up with the size of the older style stub axles.

Alternatively, purchase a pair of our Subastub axles which work with the newer transmissions and seals.