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We make a reverse-cut ring & pinion to suit Subaru transmissions and fully remanufactured reverse drive transmissions.

Ring & Pinion

These transmissions can be used with rear-mounted Subaru, VW / Porsche boxer engines for 5 forward gears.

· Add a Subaru engine and 2WD 5 speed transmission to a Beetle, Kombi or Vanagon without cutting the torsion bar.

· Add a Subaru 2WD 5 speed transmission to your aircooled VW motor using an adaptor plate and flywheel (coming soon)

· Add a complete Subaru engine and 4WD transmission / drivetrain to a vehicle.

· Replace your older/broken VW / Porsche 4/5 speed with a Subaru 5 speed.

We do NOT manufacture ring and pinions for the 6 speed STi transmissions or Automatic transmissions.