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In some builds and combinations of flanges, axles, cv joints, ride height and transmission positioning, it is possible to have cv bind occur. The inner area of the Subaflanges (particularly 100mm versions) is not as generous as the originals in the material removed. It is possible that as your Subaflanges spin, the angle of the CV can cause it to hit the inside of the Subaflange and actually lever itself against the flange and axle, pressing against the differential carrier. Any side load on the differential, particularly from these hardened steel objects, will destroy the ring and pinion.

We have just become aware of this and it is not always visible. In the first picture, it is only just visible with a faint line where the inner cv cage has made contact with the flange. This is enough to cause significant damage. You may start to hear some noise on the 'coast' as you're driving - this was a symptom of this install.

We are running all our Subaflanges through the CNC machine at the moment to increase the size of the material removed and alleviate this potential issue. (see pic 2) This process will take two weeks and we will ship out a new pair of flanges to customers automatically from April 13t 2015.

The second issue is with installs that run axles without shoulders or 4 x circlips. Running your axles like this allows the axle to float freely and in most installs will let the end of the hardened steel axle make contact with the inside of the Subaflange and the Subaru stub axle.

This will destroy the ring and pinion. Please ensure that your installs are carefully dry cycled (chalk the Subaflange if you need to) and ensure that axles cannot make contact under any circumstances. Aftermarket axles that do not have inner circlips can be easily modified to run inner and outer circlips at both ends and ensure secure axles.


We make a reverse-cut ring & pinion to suit Subaru transmissions and fully remanufactured reverse drive transmissions.

Ring & Pinion

These transmissions can be used with rear-mounted Subaru, VW / Porsche boxer engines for 5 forward gears.

· Add a Subaru engine and 2WD 5 speed transmission to a Beetle, Kombi or Vanagon without cutting the torsion bar.

· Add a Subaru 2WD 5 speed transmission to your aircooled VW motor using an adaptor plate and flywheel (coming soon)

· Add a complete Subaru engine and 4WD transmission / drivetrain to a vehicle.

· Replace your older/broken VW / Porsche 4/5 speed with a Subaru 5 speed.

We do NOT manufacture ring and pinions for the 6 speed STi transmissions or Automatic transmissions.